Dispatch, Sign on Glass, GPS and much more..

Warehouse dispatch, custom labels, freight pricing
Electronic POD's, GPS Tracking
Route Optimsation, Vehicle Maintenance, Carrier Management,
Driver/Vehicle Compliance capture, 'Chain of Responsibility'
Automated pricing and invoicing
Item level scanning and freight tracking for staff and customers
Full internal customer service, inc email and SMS updates
Advanced EDI (data transfers), staff and customer web portal
Complete Transport Management System
Automating & simplifing technology, placing you in control
Unlimited users and mobile applications
Full solution for: Freight/courier companies, warehouse dispatch, freight brokers or if you need to track your own delivery fleet

Why TransVirtual?

Do you run a Delivery, Courier, Point 2 Point, Transport, Warehouse or Freight Brokerage Company?

Tailored Transport Management System

Anyone can deliver a single item, but your customers expect exceptional reliability at high volumes. In order to make a profit, you require skill and the right tools. If you have the determination to succeed, we'll provide the support and the transport management system. Manage your drivers, operations, administration and customer service teams whilst making informed and timely business decisions.

Mobile Empowering your drivers
Website Driving administration
GPS Tracking Available 24 x 7
E-POD's No more lost paper
Portals Keeping customers happy
ETA Email/SMS your customers
Dispatch Custom labels and rating
Pricing rate all jobs, sales and cost

Our Solutions

Efficiently manage drivers and depot staff

Item level scanning and reporting along with management tools in the mobile app & web portal allow you to monitor your staff and improve efficiencies. Real time GPS track and trace along with live notifications and alerts keeps you, and your customers, informed.

Keeping your customers happy

Provide accurate and timely information to the people who matter the most, your customers. Powerful collaboration tools allow your customer service team to solve complex problems efficiently. Dedicated customer portals enable live quoting and tracking of deliveries all within your Transport Management System

Powerful business management tools

Beginning with the most flexibale rating structure available you can automatically control finances from generating quotes, discovering cheapest routes through to sending invoices. Access a range of reporting and trend analysis along with key KPI's to see whats happing on the road and in your depots.

Total control of your data and where it goes

The power is in your hands to manage all of your data transfers. No expensive ongoing integration costs. We won't add additional charges to send or receive your data. We provide the tools, you save the money. Software developers, who needs them!

TransVirtual Benefits

When implementing a software solution, its guiding principles should include:

Improved Workflows

If it can be automated or simplified, it’s a target for improvement. Maximum flexibility with minimum fuss

Valuable Tools

Whatever your role or responsibility, we’ve got tools to make your job easier and more efficient

Live Data & Tracking

In transport as with life, time is money. With accurate and up to the minute data at your fingertips, you’ll save time and money

Infinite Control

Constant expensive integrations are a thing of the past. You have complete control, no need to rely 3rd parties

Powerful Reporting

Keeping you in the loop allowing you to build an efficient and profitable business

Informed Decision Making

Where every team member makes better decisions when they have the right tools and information

Key Features

There's an extensive feature list but here's an overview

If you regularly move (or lose) equipment such as pallets, then the Equipment Control Module has you covered. The Route Optimization module will save your drivers time and you money. It also enables live updated ETA notifictions. The Mobile Forms module will have you organising and collecting important data when you need it most.

The most flexible and capable framework you will ever find. Think you have complicated rate structures? Try us out. Import your rates, test them, then sit back and watch as your customers and staff create quotes, consingments are automatically priced, additional services are seemlessly added, and invoices generated and sent. Kick back and enjoy your coffee break, we'll do the hard work for you.

If you have one driver making ten deliveries daily, or a thousand drivers making hundreads of thousands of deliveries 24 x 7. TransVirtual is your reliable, scalable and cost effective technology partner.

Are you an agent for multiple large national or multi-national logistics companies? Do they required live data and supply you with their own device? Are your drivers sick of juggling multiple mobile devices each day? TransVirtual can handle them all in a single app, on one cost effective device. We'll provide the software and technical know how, you provide the device. Bring your own (BYOD) or we'll happily recommend one from our partner suppliers, direct from the manufactuer.

You're required to deliver items, so don't settle for anything less than item level tracking and scanning. Provide your customers with peace of mind by knowing where every parcel or carton is, every step of the way.

After your employee's, your most important assets are your vehicles. Fail to maintain them properly and you can easily waste thousands of dollars. We provide the tools to track fuel and running costs with reminders and notifications to ensure you keep your maintenance up to date.

Customer service is the lifeblood of every business. You provide the passionate staff, we'll provide access to critical live data and powerful collabration tools to help them solve the most complex of problems. When your repution for amazing customer service begins to spread, there's even tools to help you grow and bring new customers onboard.

You decide who see's what. Display the relevant data to the people that need it. Hide the confidential information from those prying eyes.

App & Web Portal Screenshots

Keeping it as simple as possible without sacrificing flexibility.

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